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Romania tour

300 €

Romania tour. This tour offers the chance to experience the main beauties of the country: Monasteries of Moldavia, Danube Delta and Carpathians Mountains.


1st Day Budapest - Oradea
Arrival at the Rumanian border and reception by the romanian guide. Drive twards Oradea.

2nd Day Oradea - Cimpulung Moldovenesc
In the morning drive trough the West Carpathian mountains to Transylvania. Short stop in Cluj Napoca and to visit the Skt. Michael's-church, as well as the statue of the Hungarian king Mathias Corvinus. In the afternoon we will drive twards Bistrita to visit the old part of the city. In the evening folklore program in the hotel.

3rd Day Cimpulung Moldovenesc - Piatra Neamt
In the morning visit of the monastery Voronet knowm for its frescos. This monastery is also named the " Capella Sixtina " of Romania. Afterwards drive south and visit of the monasteries Agapia and Varatec, some of the biggest monasteries from Europe (each with over 1000 nuns).

4th Day Piatra Neamt - Tulcea
In the morning drive twards Galati. From here with the ferry over the Danube in the Dobrugea. Afterwards drive to Tulcea.

5th Day Danube Delta
Today we go on a ship excursion into the Danube Delta. You will go on the main canal Sulina to the canal of the 36th mile. From here on, further through the old Danube, in the Fortune Lake and than back ti Tulcea. Warm lunch on board,a 3-usual fish menu on the ship is served.

6th Day Tulcea - Predeal
In the morning drive along the Danube and then with the ferry over the Danube by Galati. Afterwards drive trough the southern part of Moldavia, trough the east Carpathians to Predeal.

7th Day Predeal - Sibiu
In the morning visit to the Bran castle. Afterwards city tour in Brasov including visit of the Black church, the old city hall and the orthodox church from the old part of the city. In the afternoon drive to Sibiu. Typical dinner in the R. " Sibiul vechi ".

8th Day Sibiu - Arad
In the mornings city walk in Sibiu with visit of the big and small ring, the lieers bridge, as well as the Bruckenthal-museum. Afterwards drive to Sibiel to visit the glass icon museum. At noon short stop in Alba Iulia. We will visit here the old fortress. Arrival in Arad.

9th Day Arad - Budapest
In the morning drive to the border at Nadlag. Farewell of the Rumanian guide and drive home.